New Royaal English Institute In Sangrur

New Royaal English Institute In Sangrur
Mrs. H. K. Shekhon

The New Royaal English Institute started operation on November 9, 2014. This institute is managed by Mrs. H.K. Sekhon in Sangrur, Punjab, India and is one of a very few institutions in the state.

New Royaal English Institute In Sangrur
Owner's Name: 
Mrs. H. K. Shekhon
Contact No: 
Mrs. H. K. Sekhon
Near Bus Stand, Opp. DC Office,
Above Big Shoe World
Sangrur Punjab 148001
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Average: 4.6 (9 votes)

About New Royaal English Institute In Sangrur

New Royaal English Institute is located in Sangrur and Providing educational services. Here we have tried to put our heads together to formulate the minutely researched methodology for teaching the language which will improve your proficiency in English. We aspire to improve you combination skills so that you can explain describe & narrate more effectively.
We try to make you grammatically more sound accurate so that you don’t fumble for words. We give each student an experience of real situations of real life situations so that he subjects his imbibed knowledge of he language to best continuously.
Madam Sekhon recognizes the importance of education to enjoy a successful life and has spent much time researching possibilities of helping students. The result is New Royaal English Institute. Who reside In Sangrur district and are fast becoming fluent English language speakers and writers. Mrs. Sekhon knows the enormous them, through her business to realize their dreams and to make to lasting contribution to our society, both in India and overseas.
To date, approximately 70 students are enrolled in New Royaal classes and staff members are being expanded to cope with demand.
Her husband, Mr. Gurjant Singh Sekhon act as a senior adviser and is largely responsible for implementing much of the curriculum at New Royaal English Institute.
If you would like more information about our company please contact us by phone or via email at and one of our friendly reception staff will respond promptly.

  • PTE
  • Spoken English
  • Visa Guidance
  • Subjective English Couching for 10th, +1, +2