SecureLife Insurances | Life, Health, General

LIC of India Premium Point, New India General Insurance and Star Health Insurance.
Mr. Balwinder Kumar Garg | CM club membership of LIC | SecureLife Insurances

Mr. Balwinder Kumar Garg. Agent of LIC of india, New India Assurance. Mr. Balwinder Kumar Garg is a CM club member of LIC and owner of SecureLife Insurances.

SecureLife Insurances | Life, Health, General
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Balwinder Kumar Garg
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Balwinder Kumar Garg
Secure Life, Club Road, Sunami Gate
Sangrur Punjab 148001
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About SecureLife Insurances | Life, Health, General

SecureLife Insurances
LIC of India Premium Point, New India General Insurane and Star Health Insurance.
SecureLife Insurances is a Premium Point of LIC of India ( Life Insurance Corp. of India). You can Buy any new policy of LIC by Contact Us.
If you need any advice regarding selection of policy, risk coverage, maturity amount, death claims, revivals, loan on policy, surrender value of your policy or fine on your due premium you can Contact Us by call or by mail.

SecureLife Insurances is a complete package for Life insurance, Health Insurance and Assurance for your vehicles, Houses, offices and other general things.We deals with LIC of India for life insurances, with Star Health Insurance for Health insurance for you and your family and with New India Assurance co. ltd. for all vehicle and other general insurances.

Life insurance is a contract that pledges payment of an amount to the person assured (or his nominee) on the happening of the event insured against.
Star Health Insurance
Star Health India's first Stand alone Health Insurance Company which provides affordable Medical Insurance, Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance Plans.
New India Assurance
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. is a leading global insurance group, with offices and branches throughout India and various countries abroad.