Services Provided by Us
  1. Full Web Page with Images, Text, contact details.
  2. Promotion on MyOnlineCities.Com
  3. Facebook Page promotion.
  4. Blogger promotion.
  5. Youtube promotion.
  6. Google seo promotion.
  7. Local Magazine.
Services Time Table
  • 1-4 services starts within a week.
  • 5th Service is optional.
  • 6th Service continuous in parallel.
  • 7th Client who is registered with us from last 6 months, will be capable for magazine promotion.
Subscription Packs
  1. Regular Ads: This is a basic text ad. It consists a webpage and a title link on home page.
  2. Banner Ads: This is an Ad of banner type (banner on right side). Banner size is “50 X 250” pixels.
  3. Slideshow: This is a full page slideshow. This slide show displays in sliding and effective way. Size is “350 x 1060” pixels.
  4. Video Ads: “250 X 250” pixels video displays.
  5. Medium static Ad: This is 33% x 3 sized ads, Displayed statically for whole month.